We are waiting for you!

Dear colleagues and guests,
On behalf of the International Society for Nitric Oxide and Cancer (ISNOC), it is a great pleasure to invite you to join the forthcoming “VIII International Workshop on Nitric Oxide in Cancer”, which will be held at the Danish Cancer Society in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 8 to 10, 2022.

In this workshop, we have decided to place special emphasis on “Metabolism and Aging”, which are hot topics in cancer research tightly connected to nitric oxide biology. If, indeed, aging represents one of the major risk factors in cancer onset, metabolic reprogramming is emerging as one of the most relevant, and potentially druggable, hallmarks of cancer. Along this line, the main goal of this Workshop is to bring biochemists, cell and system biologists working on the fundamentals and translational applications of nitric oxide and redox signaling in cancer and human disease together with those focusing on metabolism and aging.

Worldwide renowned scientists within these research fields are expected to attend and offer established and early career researchers a great opportunity to network, interact and present their cutting-edge research within an interdisciplinary forum for discussion. We believe that the scientific program will inspire participants and promote the active participation of young scientists at PhD and Post-doc levels from all continents.

We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen and having you join us at this workshop.

On behalf of the ISNOC executive committee,

Giuseppe Filomeni
Chair of the Workshop